Frequency Vibration: From Science To Energy Healing

I’m getting good vibes

You have actually most likely listened to the expression, “raise your frequency vibration” or perhaps also “I’m getting good vibes.”

It may be unsubstantiated, yet everything on this planet and beyond is a frequency vibration. Things appear solid to our eyes, but what we do not see is that the entire universe is composed of frequency vibrating particles that offer the illusion of being solid.

We don’t intend to get too scientific here, but in order to understand what numerous spiritual instructors are speaking about when they mention vibration, you need to have a fundamental understanding of the reality of the quantum world around you– The world that’s so little, you can’t even see it with a microscope.

Understanding vibration can awaken a lot of things within you.

You will certainly come to be extra aware of your potential as well as it will be much easier to see exactly how we are all connected and why compassion and generosity is so crucial.

“Dramatization as well as minor hiccups will certainly begin to seem tiny when you understand just how vast and connected our universe really is.”

The Science of Frequency Vibration

Everything around you is comprised of frequency vibrating particles and energy.

The rate of those frequency vibrations makes things to appear to show up solid, fluid or gas.

This concept is hard to understand because you aren’t falling through the floor today.

You are plainly holding a phone or looking at a computer screen and you can not just run your hand through it like air.

Down on the quantum level, nonetheless, when you try to run your hand through your computer screen or phone, extremely small particles are jumping off of each various other.

The particles frequency vibrating versus each other cause resistance, making it impossible to go through each other.

Think of an actually strong magnet.

When you try to push 2 magnets magnets together, it’s impossible.

There seems to be an unseen force field that stops them from having the ability to touch, despite just how hard you attempt.

That unseen force field is actually made from tiny particles, opposing each various other, rejecting to clash. Certainly, this is a truly simple explanation, however you would certainly need to examine chemistry and also quantum physics to truly understand every little thing at play.

Positive Frequency Vibes and Negative Frequency Vibes

These frequency vibrations are absolutely invisible to us due to the fact that they’re too little to see.

When we look at a solid things, we are seeing the result of several particles (many, there isn’t truly a number you can comprehend) vibrating with each other. A lot of what you see is comprised of empty space. Read more about the structure of an atom if you are wondering!

Think of frequency vibration for a minute.

What sort of sensations come up when you think about something vibrating extremely slowly?

What about quickly?

You most likely really feel a lot of energy as well as exhilaration with high frequency vibration as well as you feel slow as well as depressed with low frequency vibration.

When we talk about “raising your frequency vibration” we’re discussing essentially vibrating frequency at a greater speed.

Love, hope, compassion as well as generosity are all emotions that vibrate at a very high frequency speed.

Greed, fear, hate and despair vibrate at reduced frequency speeds.

Mindfulness Meditation

Proof of Low Frequency And High Frequency Vibration

The easiest means to see the results of frequency vibrations is to check out sand that is subjected to different frequencies, which is a process called cymatics. Cymatics aid us visualize the result of different frequency vibrations. You can view a great video of cymatics here.

You’ll notice that the reduced frequency vibrations will produce big, rather uninteresting shapes. Some individuals find these shapes undesirable.

As the frequency vibrations raise, the shapes end up being a lot more intricate, thorough and also gorgeous. Higher frequency vibrations produce more pleasurable “really feel great” effects.

Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted an experiment to see the effects of the frequency vibrations of our words.

Without emotion or feeling as well as just simply saying a word to water, he was able to observe that positive words created crystals of a higher frequency vibration, comparable to the high frequency vibrations of the sand in the cymatics experiments.

Negative words created crystals that appeared like a result of going through lower frequency vibrations of energy.

Raise Your Frequency Vibration

As you can see, positivity, love, compassion and also hope are of higher frequency vibrations than negative thoughts, fear as well as hate. Considering the cymatics experiments and the Dr. Emoto’s water crystals, it’s easy to understand why you’d want to raise your frequency vibration.

There are lots of methods to raise your frequency vibration.

You might try a many number of meditations, exercises, spiritual techniques and also energy healing.

In the end, it is the focus on love and compassion that will raise your frequency vibration. Some routes just obtain you there much faster and easier.

Everybody is different, so attempt a few various approaches and also see just how you feel.

You’ll recognize your vibration is increasing due to the fact that you’ll feel more certain, tranquil, happy and also kind.

Does yoga exercise make you feel this way?

How about mindfulness meditation?

Have you collaborated with a spiritual teacher whose lessons encourage these sensations in you?

just play around with it.

How To Make Every Day Your Perfect Day By Raising Your Vibration