Positive Thoughts – How to Enhance Your Life with Your Thinking

Can you really change your life just by thinking positive thoughts?

Is this some sort of hippie feel-good things that has no concept of reality?

Sadly, that appears to be the mindset of a lot of people. The fact, though, is this:


And it’s not simply “what” you think but “how” you think!

Why are positive thoughts so powerful?

The power of positive thinking has a basis in physics. Because everything is energy and everything has a specific vibration– and like attracts like– the quality of your thoughts can’t help however draw in scenarios with comparable vibrations.

You might argue that the vibrations of your environment and situations impact your own vibration.

Which holds true– however only if you enable them to.

See, the high vibrations of love and joy have far more power than the low vibrations of fear and negativity.

But since the human condition seems to be one of “seeing is believing,” we enable the “obvious” (the negativity) to dominate our thoughts … and attract more of the same.

What we do not do, for the most part, is raise our vibration through positive thinking to the point where “believing is seeing“. This is the point where your thoughts bypass the negativity around you, and begin influencing your situations.

Extensive things, we know!

Knowing your general line of thinking

Look at the people in your life, and after that look at yourself as objectively as you can.

Do you (all or the majority of people you know, including yourself) believe your lives are at the mercy of external influences like managers, the economy, the federal government, tasks, household commitments, education, monetary status, etc.?

Do you operate in a state of found out vulnerability, believing “what’s the use, no matter how hard I try, absolutely nothing ever alters”?

Do you live for the weekend?

Do you see life as a struggle?

Do you find yourself blaming, grumbling or condemning?

Are you generally dissatisfied?

If you said “yes” to any of these– even on some level– you’re not alone.

That’s what a lot of our lives resemble.

We simply do not think that our thoughts have the power to influence our physical reality. We do not believe in our own power.

Which individuals do you admire?

Now take a look at some individuals you admire, the ones who appear to have all of it.

Not necessarily the ones with the most bling or cha-ching, either.

There are lots of miserable millionaires.

I’m talking about the people who live their lives like you wish you might live yours. That’s why you’re noticing them. They’re on your radar to reveal to you that you can live that life too!

So what’s the distinction in between them and everyone else?

It’s NOT household fortunes, excellent education or luck.

Some of the world’s most influential individuals were born into the most unfortunate poverty and had all sorts of obstacles to overcome! So there has to be an internal aspect at play here.

The distinction is the quality of their thoughts.

They choose to think positively.

They choose to think in terms of what can be accomplished, not what can’t be done. In terms of possibility, not limits.

What they think comes about … like you. Like everybody else. It’s all a matter of your thoughts– your internal world– going beyond the conditions of the outer world.

The happy, positive, successful people pick to see beauty and blessings in everything. They see the silver lining and the chances.

They don’t allow external influences to interrupt their sense of well-being. And you understand what? The more positively they believe, the more they attract the advantages they want in life.

Positive Thinking Tips

Think of if you were to begin providing heartfelt appreciation for whatever in your life.

I indicate everything.

Not just the excellent and the delighted but the bad, the frightening, the unpleasant, the tough, the uncomfortable.

What if you were to start seeing the true blessings and lessons in everything, and the beauty in all people?

What if you were to realize that your happiness does not depend on anything but your decision to be happy?

What if you said to yourself, “I don’t have to allow this to bring me down. I can handle this scenario in a spirit of optimism and happiness of living?”

Take inspiration from youngsters.

Their imaginations are as unbound as the universe. They think in terms of possibilities. Sure, they don’t have obligations or responsibilities – however they likewise don’t have the freedom to do what they want.

You do – if you pick to! The successful people in life have the duties and commitments, however in some way, things all form for them, due to the fact that positive thinking determines the direction of their lives.

Would you rather be around people who happy and inspiring, or people who talk doom and gloom?

Which ones do you naturally gravitate to?

If you find that people around you are predominantly negative (even if it’s subtle and unconscious), then that’s a reflection of your own current vibration.

Keep in mind, like attracts like … And the people whose negativity surrounds them, aren’t getting the most out of life.

Life truly is what you make it.

Make it positive!

You can automatically think unfavorable ideas, and life will continue as it is now.

Or, you can become conscious of your ideas, and change them.

You have the power to choose to believe happy, positive thoughts, and raise your vibration. By raising your vibration, your situations will quickly begin altering for the better and your life will blossom.

Every positive thought brings your vibration closer to the vibration of Love. And what better vibe is out there?

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